Get an elevated perspective on construction progress.
Provide regular updates for your clients and make informed decisions.

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Nothing shows your constituents progress like aerial media. We program our sUAS to capture photos and videos from the same locations each time utilizing GPS technology & specialized software. Those photos can be overlaid to see a direct comparison from week to week. The final aerial hyperlapse video is perfect for marketing and landing future bids.



Go beyond simply showing progress to gathering actionable data on your work site. Utilizing mapping software, we fly a grid pattern and capture hundreds of photos that can be stitched together into detailed orthomosaic maps. Use the data to verify the work being done, empower resource management, and avoid costly mistakes

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Our mapping process can go to another level with 3D models, point clouds, and volumetrics. These can be brought into AutoDesk & CAD programs, overlaid with architectural drawings, and used to make measurements. This even creates the ability to measure the volume of stockpiles and verify earth work progress without expensive surveying costs.


Just a few examples…